M A G D A L E N A   B L O M

Original gallery-logotyp based on the outlines of the room
The manifesto
Instagram process photos
Street view of tegelbruksvägen
Ad about the opening in the local newspaper
Opening event poster, graphic design: M. Blom
Pälsmössan, Sandra Sundström, on-site installation, from This Room, 2017
Article about Galleri Majkens in Supermarket art Magazine
Exhibitition view, Mothers-The Personal is Political, 2017. Works in view, close to far: Mojgan Hassani, Soffia Sigurdardottir and Magdalena Blom
Exhibition view, Mother-The Personal is Political, 2017
Exhibition poster for Hysteriska Historiska
Opening speech, Hysteriska Historiska ABF-Stockholm gallery space
Vida Bohemia, installation by Rossana Mercado-Rojas, Hysteriska Historiska, ABF-Stockholm
Vida Bohemia, wall text, Hysteriska Historiska - Rossana mercado-Rojas
Vida Bohemia, wall text, Hysteriska Historiska - Rossana mercado-Rojas
Vida Bohemia, wall text in Hysteriska Historiska - Rossana mercado-Rojas, ABF-Stockholm
Graphic design for Unreliable Naturalists at Dieselverkstaden.
Exhibition view, Unreliable Naturalists at DIeselverkstaden, 2019
Exhibition view, works in view (close to far): Beth Savage, Karin Reisinger and Elin Magnusson. Unreliable Naturalists at Dieselverkstaden, 2019

Galleri Majkens

-Art gallery opening 8/6 2017 


Magdalena Blom officially opened Galleri Majkens June 8th in 2017. An artist-run feminist gallery showcasing women- and non-binary artists, from the nordic and international art scene.

Galleri Majkens was situated in the inner room of Majkens café at Midsommarkransen until 2018. Since then it operates as a nomadic and non-site specific gallery, exhibiting on various locations in Stockholm, so far being hosted by larger cultural institutions such as ABF-Stockholm and Dieselverkstaden.










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