M A G D A L E N A   B L O M

Waders, exhibition shot
Waders and print, exhibition shot, Bubblewrap
Waders, exhibition shot, Bubblewrap
Event poster, Sarah Walker, 2014
Waterproof Seabass, ink print, 60x80 cm, 2014

Sarah Walker Gallery

-Summer group exhibition 2014


Part of Blom´s installation Homebound  (waders, branches and digital print) will be exhibited in Sarah Walker Gallery´s group exhibition BubbleWrap in Cork, Ireland, July, 2014.

Excerpt from show description:

"(...)The theme of transience is continued in Magdalena Blom’s work entitled ‘Homebound’ – she explores the mystery of the migratory creatures in oceans and rivers and the notion of putting down roots. Blom, born in Sweden,'relates this to the ambiguity of human’s relationship to nature - the distance, as well as human’s inherited connection with it.' "



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