M A G D A L E N A   B L O M

Process drawing I, pen on print, 20x30 cm
Still, Junction, 2013, 6:33, HD
Dublin walkers performing, event poster, 2013
Process drawing II, pen on print, 20x30 cm
Process drawing III, pen on paper, 20x30 cm
Installation shot, The Lab, mixed media installation
Video installation, road paint and tape decoration
Installation shot, sound sculpture on pillar
Installation shot The Lab, floor decoration, tape


-Film, video installation and drawings


Junction was made through the process of the artist collaborating with an online meet-up network called 'Dublin Walkers'.


Blom created the group, as a call out for outdoors-passionate folk with the instructions to

”re-enact a busy street whilst surrounded by bog, heather and grass.”

Through a series of meetings,  the elected group, was working with the artist on the performance on various greeneries around Dublin.  Placing pieces of coloured string to resemble the junction of Meath street and Thomas street.


The piece aims to explore how the architecture and infrastructure of a city may restrict people´s movements and therefore their mindset. 

The video was exhibited in The Lab 2014. In combination with the outlined junction lines, using sand paper tape, found road paint and a sound sculpture resounding sampled walk/don't walk sound.


Film link:




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