M A G D A L E N A   B L O M

Still, All By Itself, 6:11 min, HD, 2014
Oh deer, Ink print, 30x50 cm, 2014
Installation detail, crown, ply-wood and branches
Installation detail, crown II, ply-wood and branches
Projection, All by Itself, NCAD, 2014
Props and projection, Marrowbone lane Forestry, NCAD, 2014
Still, Marrowbone Lane Forestry, 4:18 min, HD, 2014
Installation view, Homebound, wader pants, branches and pond, NCAD, 2014
Installation view, branches and plywood, 2014
Installation shot, Homebound, pond, projection, waders and branches


-Film, multi media installation and ink prints


A series of short films was made for Blom's degree show 'Homebound' - shown in the National College of Art and Design's Graduate exhibition of 2014 'See The Future'.

For these two films Blom was working on a way to personify the roles of animals and elements in nature, thus hoping to mirror our society’s “mainstream” culture of anthropocentrism and speciesism. With that mirroring effect, the work aims to criticise the belief of the human race being the most significant one on the planet.


Inspired by Eric Carmen´s song All by Myself, Blom wanted to illustrate the song´s expressed loneliness. The project came to be realised as a story about two "trees" feeble attempt to connect to each other and their environment.

The second hand-fur gloves used as props in Marrowbone lane Forestry, brings connotations of home and belonging, the urban and the wild, and the manmade and organic. She aims to ask where "home" is to these entities - does it sit on tarmac, in the park or somewhere in between the sky and the sea?


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