M A G D A L E N A   B L O M

Exhibition poster, Design by Isabella Ahlstedt
Installation shot, photo booth, 190x80x190 cm, wood, stool, garment and computer screen.
Installation shot, photo booth, live feed
Installation shot, Skype portraits
Exhibition pamphlet, design by M. Blom
Opening night at Slakthusateljéerna
Opening night at Slakthusateljéerna
Bathroom, ink print, 30x30, 2015
Opening night at Slakthusateljéerna
Mirroring I, ink print, 15x30 cm, 2015

I Periferin (In the Periphery)

Group exhibition, framed photos and skype-

photo booth


Group exhibition curated by Magdalena Blom in the studio collective Slakthusateljéerna in Stockholm. Participating artists: Isabella Ahlstedt, Johan Carlsson, Magdalena Blom and Josephina Lexin.

Together, the group built an X-construction measuring 3 x 3 x 2,4 meter, symbolising a focus point in the middle of the room to both create and restrain space for the artists to present their work - in the periphery.

Skype Date was Blom´s piece in the Exhibition. A series of photographs and an interactive multimedia installation.


 The photographs were framed screen shots from a selection of Blom and her husband´s past Skype conversations. Dealing with a distance relationship over a long period of time turned the skype dates into an everyday-need. Blom aimed for the motif of the photographs to show a documentation of this contemporary interaction between the two.

To recreate that interaction, she created a skype-photo booth. And a few hand-picked people sat prepared via Skype to do live "Skype-dates" with the visitors.


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