Installation shot, Järna Kulturnatt
Sugar, glue, wood, hair, sprinkles, chains


-Sculpture Installation


Sugar is a series of sculptures based on the idea of today´s mainstream food culture. Focusing on the mass-consumption of raffined sugars.

For the aesthetic of the sculptures, Blom was greatly inspired by the fact that a lot of the packaging and ads for the more sugary products are targeting a younger clientele.

So the sculptures got the same "toy-friendly" manner. Bugs made out of bare sanded wood, glued hair and for example sprinkles as eyes.


An investigation of the ambiguous idea of sugar being our time´s greatest pacifier, both for young people and grown-ups. Giving the support, energy and joy one would crave, but with the not so great intentions and horrible consequences of consuming too much of it.   

"We are as drawn to sugar as insects are drawn to a streetlight at night, whom have lost sight of the moonlight they use for navigation.

Have we too lost our natural instinct of searching for what is good for us and replaced it with something artificial and manmade?"     

                           (Statement, 2015, Blom)     


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