Mi cuerpa mi decision - Min kropp mitt val
Mi cuerpa mi decision - Min kropp mitt val

The Procedure / Ingreppet (2020)

-Mural, acrylic paint


-A visit to the gynaecologists is often associated with feeling intimately exposed. The experiences shared in a gyno chair are described by most women as uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe. Yet its design has not changed much at all over the past century, it still being accepted and unquestioned by our public healthcare system. At the same time, this gyno chair represents a great privilege for us who benefits from free abortion laws and liberal reproductive care, provided with

heavenly subsidised to free healthcare

Receiving good medical care, using a safe abortion method in this type of chair unifies all women globally across all borders. This is

the vision the dream


Without this privilege, with abortion being a criminal act and women imprisoned even for having miscarriages, it is not a unifier. It is a divider, which divides us in two:  

the ones who may sit in this chair

and the ones who may not.    


The actions of the woman-dog is based on the artist's personal experiences of being a woman, a mother and a previous dog-owner.


The procedure is a mural painted in 3 days in Detroit Gallery on Roslagsgatan 21, for the safe abortions rights-exhibition Mi Cuerpa Mi Desicion - Min Kropp Mitt Val 2020.

The 1:1 scale of the mural is based on the approximate size of a gynaecology chair.

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