M A G D A L E N A   B L O M

Still, Wave spotting, 2013
Still, Wave spotting, 2013
Gravity, ink print, 50x50 cm, 2013
Rolling, inkprint, 20x60 cm, 2013
Rolling stone, Ink print, 20x30 cm, 2013
Icelandic downhill, ink print, 50x70 cm, 2013
Still, Wave spotting, 2013
Still, Wave spotting, 2013
Birds, digital print, 50x70 cm, 2013, MB

Wave Spotting 

-Film and digital prints


Wave spotting is a project Blom started working on during her stay at Listhús Art Residency in Olafsfjördúr, Iceland, 2013. 

Locals and other artists in residence partook in the filming for the event Blom hosted, called "Jons messunott". She invited people of Olafsfjördur to roll down the local ski slope at midnight on midsummers eve. This was inspired by the local icelandic saying: if you roll naked in dew at midnight on midsummers eve you will have good luck and fortune a year ahead from now.


The film has previously been screened in Ncad, Ireland and at the artexpo BORDERLAND in Club Nautico in Zaragosa, Spain 2013.

Film link: Wave Spotting



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